Ridge Capping: To re-bed or not to re-bed?

This week we received our second call from a plucky homeowner who had decided that they were going to try and fix their ridge capping themselves. Noticing that the mortar holding the ridge tiles in place was cracked and loose, and fancying themselves a handy type, they went up there and promptly pulled it all off.

It wasn't pretty.

As they quickly learned, simply reinstalling it in a straight line without falling off the roof or turning your tiles in to a limey mess is harder than it first looks.

In truth, they could have saved themselves the trouble - and the extra expense of re-bedding it all - and simply got us to come out to clean and repoint the existing capping with flexible pointing compound.

You see, ridge capping rests on a bed of cement, but is held in place by the pointing compound.

In most cases the ridge capping can simply be cleaned to remove any loose material, lichen, dirt and so on, and then repointed over the top. This is not a quick-fix; this has been standard industry practise for at least a decade. And unless the bedding is severely compromised repointing will provide a robust and long-term solution. Which means we can guarantee all our repointing for 10 years.

And by the way, when it comes to repointing, that's no cakewalk either. In untrained hands the deceptively simple trowel can make quite a mess up there.

So hands off that ladder, son! Place the trowel on the ground and step away. Just step away....

It's time to call in the experts.

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